Government Issue 12

Issue 12 of Government offers a preview of the incoming cabinet of new European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. With his administration adopting a new structure, Juncker looks set to bring some upheaval to the commission, which could either serve him or set him back at a time when Europe faces a number of internal and international crises, including the rise of the so-called Islamic State militant group, the ongoing Ukraine conflict, and the Ebola pandemic in Africa.

This edition examines the political changes taking place in Brussels, turns its focus towards the technological developments that are creating an impact in every sector of transportation, and investigates Europe’s health agenda, with a particular spotlight on the social elements of health policy.

What challenges is the Juncker Commission facing?

  • Lamberto Zannier, secretary general of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) reflects on the challenges the EU has faced in 2014;
  • Director of Transparency International’s EU office Carl Dolan explains the need to curb corruption through transparency;
  • Dr Gwennaël Joliff-Botrel of DG Research discusses the need for Horizon 2020 to meet emerging energy challenges; and
  • The European Ombudsman’s Emily O’Reilly details her work making EU institutions more open and accountable.

What should the commission’s priorities be?

How are maritime regions mitigating climate impact?