Government Issue 13

The 13th issue of Government concentrates on the renewed focus on counter-terrorism, driven by recent attacks in France, and provides an overview of the current economic challenges Europe is facing. It looks ahead to the agenda for 2015, which will be dominated by efforts to tackle climate change across all sectors, from transport, to energy, to maritime, ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December.

This edition concludes with a special feature on education, which takes in the need for European education systems to adapt to the increasing need for digital skills, the role that better education policy can play in driving growth and meeting challenges, and European action to tackle poverty and other social concerns.

How is Europe tackling economic challenges?

What is being done to make transport safer?

  • The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) emphasises that safety is at the core of European aviation;
  • Ellen Townsend of the European Transport Safety Council warns of the dangers of driving while tired;
  • The European Road Assessment Association (EuroRAP) recommends advancing educational and infrastructural policies to improve road safety; and
  • The First Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz explains how fuel cell electric buses are reducing greenhouse gas emissions from public transport.

How is education effecting social change?

  • European Commissioner Tibor Navracsics calls for increased investment in education programmes;
  • Mark Goffart of DG Research and Innovation discusses a recent review of European social policy;
  • Lieve Fransen, the EU’s Director for Social Policies under the commission’s Europe 2020 agenda talks about efforts to curb poverty; and
  • Frontex’s Izabella Cooper details the border security organisation’s efforts to combat human smuggling in the Mediterranean Sea.