Government Issue 20

Issue 20 of Government tackles the political efforts being made to alleviate the migrant crisis, including measures to address integration and the need for better management of international development budgets. The European Commission’s health agenda also comes under discussion, as do the need to ensure food security as the global population continues to grow and the potential of alternative fuels to transform the European energy sector.

How is Europe responding to the migrant crisis?

  • William Lacy Swing of the International Organization for Migration talks about partnering with other organisations to protect migrants in need;
  • Philippe Fargues of the Migration Policy Centre advocates for broad reforms of Europe’s asylum systems in the wake of the recent influx of migrants;
  • Head of Amnesty International’s European Institutions Office Iverna McGowan warns that the rights of migrants must be protected;
  • Roberta Bonazzi of the Counter Extremism Project’s Brussels office discusses European and US efforts to curb radicalisation;
  • Friends of Europe’s Shada Islam urges optimism on the future of Europe as it faces a number of key challenges; and
  • Save the Children‘s Karen Mets urges the EU to focus more efforts on addressing the plight of unaccompanied children during the migrant crisis.

How is European health policy changing?

What action is being taken to combat climate change?

  • Connie Hedegaard of the KR Foundation discusses European climate leadership in light of the Paris Climate Agreement;
  • Caroline Drummond of LEAF explains the ‘integrated farm management’ approach, which makes agriculture more efficient and limits environmental impact; and
  • Thought For Food’s Christine Gould emphasises the challenges to food security caused by global warming and growing populations.