Government Issue 21

The latest issue of Government highlights efforts to improve gender equality in Europe, and the positive impact that better gender equality could have on human rights and the economy. It also covers the need for European health policy to expand in light of Europe’s ageing population, and the innovations that are changing the face of transport.

How does health policy need to change?

  • Dr Andrea Ammon of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control explains the challenges of healthcare-associated infections;
  • Dr Seth Berkley of the Global Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) talks about how his organisation is trying to stay a step ahead of disease outbreaks;
  • Cecilia Wikström MEP, rapporteur for the reform of the Dublin Regulation, argues that policy needs to take the health of migrants into account; and
  • Julia Wadoux of the AGE Platform Europe explains how her organisation is promoting active and healthy ageing.

What technologies are driving smart cities?

  • Piero Pelizzaro of the Sharing Cities project explains how innovation in lighting is reducing the impact Milan is having on the environment;
  • Jesper Lund of European Digital Rights outlines the impact that next-generation 5G internet will have on public policy; and
  • Viktor Stromcek of the Slovak Ministry of Transport talks about how the need for intelligent transport systems are transforming approaches to transport policy.

What can we expect from future transport?