GPEX organisers release energy transition eBook

GPEX organisers release energy transition eBook

The team behind the Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX) has released an eBook on how the energy transition is impacting industry stakeholders.

GPEX 2018 will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from the 17-20 September, and will examine the long-term change in the way that energy is produced, distributed & consumed. In preparation for the event, the organisers have today released an energy transition eBook, which examines what this process will mean for 12 industry experts and their companies.

Some of the world’s leading businesses and experts have contributed their views to the eBook, including:

  • UNEF;
  • DNV GL;
  • Energy Industry Times;
  • Engie; and
  • Next Kraftwerke.

By featuring such a wide variety of viewpoints, the eBook offers an insight into the many challenges and opportunities facing today’s energy market players, across the entirety of the sector.

What topics does the energy transition eBook cover?

The eBook raises a number of topics which will be discussed in greater detail at the GPEX 2018 Global Power and Energy Leaders’ Summit, and which will allow energy sector stakeholders to effectively prepare for and take advantage of the energy transition.

These topics include an examination of why implementing the right technologies can mean the difference between success and failure for companies, and a discussion of the important efforts governments can take to better facilitate the energy transition. These efforts need to take place at local, regional, national and European levels, and GPEX offers an ideal opportunity for these stakeholders to gather and discuss these matters.

The eBook also outlines on the steps that energy and utility companies can take, the responsibilities they bear, and their important role in managing the energy transition. Finally, it asks how all stakeholders can participate in discussions to ensure that the goals of the transition and the individual energy sources are effectively aligned to deliver the most efficient transition possible.

The eBook is now available to download.


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