Hungary and Poland want strong voice in Europe

Hungary and Poland want strong voice in Europe
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán © European People's Party CC BY 2.0

Hungary and Poland want a stronger say in the future of Europe, and both firmly reject the EU’s migrant quotas.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán today meet his counterpart from Warsaw, Mateusz Morawiecki, in Budapest to reaffirm their joint stance against criticism from the European Union.

Orbán said: “The EU’s migration policy … has failed.” Adding: “We want to have a strong say, as these countries [in Central Europe] have a vision about the future of Europe.”

Orbán, a long-time ally of Poland within the EU, said in December that Hungary would block any action to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the EU.

The Hungarian PM has pledged to defend Poland last month after the EU launched the unprecedented Article 7 disciplinary proceedings against its government over a raft of new laws boosting political influence over the judiciary.

Brussels is already taking Hungary to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over its bid to tighten control over foreign-funded NGOs and education reforms that target Budapest’s Central European University, which was founded and is financed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

The EU is also suing Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic at the ECJ for their refusal to accept refugees under a controversial quota plan, which all three states call unworkable, unfair and dangerous to national and European security.


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