Hydrogen powered bicycle offers sustainable G7 transport

hydrogen powered bicycle
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A hydrogen powered bicycle fleet is set to provide journalists reporting on the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, with sustainable transport solutions.

Hydrogen fuel cell developer Pragma Industries has successfully produced a version of its Alpha hydrogen powered bicycle with a range of 150km, 50% higher than the original Alpha – the world’s first commercially available electric bicycle powered by hydrogen fuel cells – which launched in 2018 with a range of 100km. 200 of the new Alpha cycles will be made available at the 45th G7 summit in Biarritz between 24 and 26 August, enabling journalists attending the event to travel easily between the G7 press centre and the city itself.

The upgraded Alpha hydrogen powered bicycle, a pedal-electric (pedelec) cycle which augments the user’s pedalling with a small electric motor, is powered by an ultralight, high pressure hydrogen gas cylinder produced by cylinder distributor AMS Composite Cylinders. In comparison to the original Alpha’s gas cylinder, which offered pressure of 200 bar, the new, advanced cylinder provides 300 bar pressure.

Pierre Forte, founder and CEO of Pragma Industries, said: “Alpha fuel cell bikes offer significant advantages over electric battery bikes in terms of both range and refuelling. Whereas batteries typically take several hours to recharge, hydrogen cylinders can be refilled in under two minutes. For fleet applications, this is invaluable. In commercial applications, range matters. Switching to AMS cylinders has provided a 50% increase in hydrogen capacity and working range to 150km – enabling Alpha to stay on the road for up to a week in average, real-world use. This reduces the time, cost and hassle associated with refuelling. We’re expanding production of the bikes to meet growing global demand, and already have plans to use AMS cylinders in our upcoming models to explore further range extension.”

Once the G7 summit is over, the Alpha hydrogen powered bicycle fleet will be offered to the city of Biarritz for long term rental.


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