Innogy joins ENCS to secure its connected energy system

Innogy joins ENCS to secure its connected energy system

German energy company Innogy has joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), in order to secure its connected energy system.

The need for Innogy to secure its connected energy system has grown in recent years, as ever more devices are connected to the internet, and are therefore more vulnerable to potential cyber threats. This is particularly true in the case of services of national critical infrastructure, such as energy and utility providers.

The ENCS is a non-profit member organisation uniting critical infrastructure stakeholders and security experts to reinforce the resilience of energy and utilities throughout Europe, and aims to safeguard cyber security throughout the EU’s energy sector through a collaborative, membership-based approach.

How will this help to secure energy supplies?

According to Dr Andreas Breuer, head of the new technology, grid and infrastructure segment at Innogy, the company aims to benefit from knowledge-exchange opportunities with other members in the ENCS network.

He explained: “Energy infrastructure is critical and faces a rising number of cyber-attacks, while the complexity of the threats is also increasing. This is why we seek the exchange of knowledge within the ENCS about possible counter-strategies, with the network having a clear focus on infrastructure-related business.”

Anjos Nijk, managing director of the ENCS, welcomed Innogy to the network and celebrated the company’s long history, as well as its focus on the energy transition and the need to secure its connected energy system in the wake of this. He said: “As you’d expect from such a company, cyber security is at the forefront of its thinking. We’re confident Innogy will both get and add huge value to the network.”

How is ENCS working to improve cyber security?

In order to expand its efforts, ENCS recently signed a memorandum of understanding with European Distribution System Operators’ Association for Smart Grids (EDSO), following two years of close collaboration between the two bodies.

The agreement between ENCS and EDSO aims to increase capabilities and establish a framework for knowledge exchange concerning security regulations, effective cyber security practices and standardisation for energy distribution companies.


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