64% of users of Internet of Things devices report performance issues

64% of Internet of Things devices report performance issues

A new global study has revealed that almost two thirds of worldwide users of Internet of Things devices have encountered performance issues.

The global study was undertaken by software intelligence company Dynatrace, and collated responses from 10,000 consumers worldwide. It found that more than half (52%) of consumers are now using novel Internet of Things devices, but also showed that some 64% of those users have encountered performance issues with these new devices.

The scale of the challenges encountered by Internet of Things device users is also of concern to consumers, with 62% reporting that they are worried about the number of problems they encounter. Consumers currently report an average of 1.5 digital performance problems every day. As devices grow in popularity, this could continue to create security concerns and erode consumer trust in these devices if not adequately addressed.

How can device manufacturers address consumer concerns?

Dynatrace recommends a number of improvements that technology developers and manufacturers need to make to reinforce user trust. This includes developing a mastery of the escalating complexity of IT systems brought about by cloud technologies, as well as the building of Internet of Things monitoring and performance strategies.

When it comes to connected devices in the home, some 83% of respondents expressed concern about losing control of smart devices due to digital performance problems; this could include lack of control of lights or temperature, or even being locked in or out of the house.

Why is consumer trust so vital for the growth of the Internet of Things?

Dynatrace’s Dave Anderson emphasised that there are myriad challenges facing technology developers producing Internet of Things devices, including the increasing complexity of cloud-based systems and the growing role of data.

He said: “Consumers are already reporting problems with everything from medical applications, smart meters, car door locks and virtual personal assistants, to smart thermostats and fridges. Their patience is at an all-time low and they simply won’t tolerate a poor experience… The imperative is on companies to find ways to process, analyse and manage the Internet of Things delivery chain holistically.”


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