Lincoln premieres new wireless network CCTV surveillance system

Lincoln premieres new wireless network CCTV surveillance system
Lincoln, UK © chas B

The city of Lincoln, UK, has invested £400,000 (~€459,000) into a state-of-the-art wireless network CCTV surveillance system, to be deployed across the city.

The wireless network CCTV surveillance system combines 300 newly upgraded high-definition cameras with wireless 60 GHz V-band frequency radios, provided by Siklu. These cameras and radios are connected via 14 high-capacity wireless data links, to provide high-definition surveillance capabilities in public spaces across the city.

The installation of the network saw the city of Lincoln closely collaborate with both Siklu and security systems integrator Videcom Security. The two companies have previously worked in conjunction to successfully install surveillance systems in Watford, Ipswich, Cambridge and elsewhere.

What did the stakeholders say about the project?

Siklu’s CEO, Eyal Assa, acknowledged this previous success as being very valuable to the success of the project in Lincoln. He explained: “We’re pleased to have had such a successful working relationship with Videcom Security on numerous projects throughout the United Kingdom.”

He added: “The recent project with the City of Lincoln Council is part of our commitment to providing the most reliable, interference free mmWave technology available to the market for smart city and surveillance system networks.”

How does the CCTV system impact Lincoln’s smart city ambitions?

The installation of the new network was funded and supported by the city of Lincoln’s smart city strategy Vision 2020, which seeks to drive innovation in the city and incorporate new technologies to improve the lives of citizens.

The strategy incorporates areas from infrastructure to industry, and from retail to tourism, and seeks to establish the feasibility of Lincoln becoming a smart city through the implementation of new technologies in these areas.

The strategy contains a number of priorities to support the development of smart services and facilities in the city, including:

  • Driving economic growth;
  • Reducing inequality;
  • Delivering high-quality housing; and
  • Enhancing quality of life.

These priorities also include social and environmental projects, which seek to promote inclusivity and improve quality of life in the city.



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