Maritime Safety Action Plan launched in UK

maritime safety action plan
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The UK’s Department for Transport launched its first Maritime Safety Action Plan, aimed at reducing preventable deaths on recreational boats, this week.

The Maritime Safety Action Plan includes a review of actions already being taken by the government to prevent deaths in UK waters, as well as setting targets for further reduction of deaths: through the National Drowning Prevention Strategy, the plan lays out a goal to halve drowning deaths in the UK by 2026; while preventable deaths in the fishing industry are to be eliminated entirely by 2027. In order to facilitate these targets the government has announced a campaign to raise awareness of the risks of boating while under the influence of alcohol. The plan falls under the oversight of the Maritime 2050 strategy, a long term policy initiative designed to maintain the UK’s status as a world leader in the maritime sector.

The plan was launched this week to coincide with the second annual UK Maritime Safety Week. In a written statement to the House of Commons to mark the launch, Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani said: “As well as recognising the excellent safety work that already goes on, my key objectives for Maritime Safety Week 2019 are to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice and to focus on some of the challenges which remain. That is why, as well as meeting many of the organisations and individuals who make a difference through their work, I will be hosting a Fishing Safety MP Roundtable this week to consider what more can be done to make the fishing industry a safer one.”

Ghani added: “Throughout the week I will be launching new initiatives and announcing new funding in support of maritime safety…I will also be publishing the government’s first Maritime Safety Action Plan. This sets out a path for the future of maritime safety work in the UK, makes new commitments and specifies the actions which will be taken to deliver them. The Action Plan underpins our Maritime 2050 strategy, which I published in January, outlining our ambitious vision for the future of the sector.”


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