Civan Advanced Technologies: Powerful, revolutionary, unique

Based in Jerusalem, Israel, Civan Advanced Technologies is a hi-tech company established in 2008 and specialising in high-brightness, high-power diode and fibre lasers and optical amplifiers

With product lines including single mode lasers with continuous wave power ranging between 10 and more than 10,000 Watts, its high-power lasers are integrated into industrial materials processing, defence, and medical and research applications.

Founded by Dr Eyal Shekel – a member of the board of trustees of the Jerusalem College of Technology and of the Bney Brak Haredi College – Civan’s team is a mix of experience and young talent:

  • Dr Shekel earned his PhD in Physics at New York University, US, and has gone on to develop 43 patents. Dr Shekel founded Al Cielo Ltd. In 2005, a leading company in the manufacture of fibre optic gyroscopes and navigation systems, and served as CEO until 2007, when the company was sold. Dr Shekel also co-founded and served as a board member of Nano-Or, a developer and manufacturer of 3D measurement systems with nanometre resolutions within the semiconductor industry.
  • Board chairman Dr Meir Barel holds a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the Department of Data Communication at the Technical University in Aachen, Germany. From 1986 to 1992, Dr Barel held the position as Investment Manager, followed by Managing Partner, of Techno Venture Management GmbH & Co, one of the largest venture capital companies in Germany. Dr Barel is the Principal Managing Partner of STAR Venture, with experience in the international venture capital business.
  • Senior physicist Dr Yaniv Vidne gained his PhD in Physics at Bar Ilan University in 2008 for his research into laser and non-linear optics.
  • Dr Benayahu Urbach has been a senior physicist at Civan since 2009 amd id noted for his research into the optical and electrical properties of composite structures of porous silicon.
  • Project and development manager Ran Vered served as a manager in Israel’s Elite Intelligence Technology unit, where he supervised more than 150 doctors, engineers and technicians. Vered received the prestigious Israel Prize for Defence in 1997, and the Intelligence Unit prize in 1990. He holds a patent and is the author of many international publications.

Receiving funding from Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument for breakthrough innovation products, and with products and solutions tailored to the specific need of each of its clients, Civan brings an intelligent, future-facing service to an ever-changing materials processing industry.

Showcasing the world of materials processing

In this booklet Government Europa Quarterly and Civan collaborate to showcase some of the outstanding European projects and developments in materials processing, including welding, additive manufacturing, precision laser technologies, and high-energy lasers.

From the eastern Mediterranean to the High Arctic, through industrial, technological and scientific ingenuity, GEQ and Civan share how European endeavour is pioneering materials processing for the 21st Century.


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