Tilray signs medical cannabis framework agreement

medical cannabis framework agreement
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Canadian firm Tilray, a world leader in medical cannabis research, production and distribution, has signed a medical cannabis framework agreement with pharmaceutical company Sandoz AG.

Tilray Canada Ltd, a subsidiary of Tilray Inc., has entered into the agreement with Sandoz AG, a division of Novartis Group. The medical cannabis framework agreement commits the two companies to work together to boost the availability of high quality medical cannabis products worldwide, operating jointly and cooperatively in jurisdictions where cannabis is legally approved for medical use.

The new medical cannabis framework agreement, which was finalised in December 2018, represents the evolution of Tilray’s existing partnership with Sandoz Canada and allows for a range of collaborative options for non-smokable or non-combustible medical cannabis products:

  • Tilray and Sandoz may co-brand certain products;
  • Tilray may supply products and associated licensing rights to and from Sandoz;
  • Sandoz may support the worldwide commercialisation of products created by Tilray;
  • The two companies may work together to provide leading-edge knowledge and education on medical cannabis products to pharmacies and medical providers; and
  • Tilray and Sandoz may collaborate in research and development of new medical cannabis products.

Brendan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Tilray, said the medical cannabis framework agreement “represents a major milestone in the movement to provide access to safe, GMP-certified medical cannabis to patients in need across the world. Tilray is a global company and we’re thrilled to build upon the success and momentum from our existing agreement with Sandoz Canada by taking our partnership global. Sandoz AG will be a valuable partner as we work together to improve access to the highest quality medical cannabis products in countries all over the world.”

The medical cannabis framework agreement will allow Sandoz and Tilray, North America’s first licensed medical cannabis producer to obtain the European Medicines Agency’s certification of current Good Manufacturing Practice, to expand their collective reach and continue to provide medical cannabis solutions to patients in need.


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