MEPs address human rights violations in Nigeria

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On Thursday, the European Parliament implemented two resolutions addressing the human rights and rule of law situation in Nigeria and Burundi.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have released a statement expressing concerns that Nigeria’s terrorist attacks may pose a serious threat to regional and international security.

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, the European Parliament have issued a statement stating they strongly condemn the repeated violations of human rights and international and humanitarian law, ‘’whether based on religion or ethnicity”.

MEPs implore the Nigerian authorities to guarantee respect for human rights and to protect the civilian population from terrorism and violence. The fight against impunity is fundamental to the stability of the country and to building lasting peace, MEPs say.

The situation in Nigeria has significantly worsened over the last few years, posing a serious threat to international and regional security. Recent killings are part of a wider series of terrorist acts, including the attack on 24 December 2019 on a village near Chibok that resulted in the death of seven villagers and the kidnapping of a teenage girl.

Additionally, MEPs strongly condemn the current restrictions on freedom of expression in Burundi, including the limitations placed on public freedom, large-scale violations of human rights, the intimidation and arbitrary arrests of journalists and broadcast bans.

MEPs recall that Burundi is bound by the human rights clause of the Cotonou agreement and therefore urge the country’s authorities to immediately revert this abusive trend and to uphold its human rights obligations.

Civil society and journalists play a vital role in a democratic society, MEPs say, particularly in the context of upcoming elections in Burundi. The European Parliament calls on the Burundian authorities to stop intimidating, harassing, and arbitrarily arresting journalists, human rights activists and members of the opposition, including those returning from exile.



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