Mobility and the data marketplace: IMPACT>MOBILITY to build public-private partnerships

mobility and the data marketplace
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The IMPACT>MOBILITY summit aims to examine the business models and data management challenges facing Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

The summit, set to take place in Amsterdam between 24 and 25 June, aims to bring together more than 40 senior leaders from across public and private mobility sectors and representatives of more than 50 Member State cities in order to build partnerships and work towards coordinating urban mobility and the data marketplace to establish a functional long term MaaS business model. Lizann Tjon, the City of Amsterdam’s Programme Director for Innovation, said: “By using more advanced systems and data it would be possible to fend off certain vehicles in a dynamic way… this way of managing flows could have a big impact on traffic flows and air quality in cities.”

IMPACT>MOBILITY aims to reconcile the commercial needs of private mobility service operators with sustainability targets set by public bodies, with agenda themes including:

  • Mobilising public-private partnerships to facilitate widespread deployment of MaaS;
  • Integrating data platforms into new business models;
  • Establishing best practice in the growing field of micromobility;
  • Updating urban infrastructure to meet the needs of electric and autonomous vehicles; and
  • Investment and financing to optimise the benefits of MaaS services.

IMPACT>MOBILITY Executive Director Luke James said: “Public and private partnerships are essential in establishing the framework for new mobility. With over 50 European cities attending the objective of IMPACT>MOBILITY is to connect the leading stakeholders to tackle mobility data and monetisation challenges head-on. It will focus on connecting public and private sectors, to delve deep into financial modelling, investment strategy and business models across the transport, smart mobility and connected vehicle ecosystem.”

In recognition of the role played by mass transit in urban MaaS systems, IMPACT>MOBILITY has made 20 free tickets to the summit available to members of the Association of European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (EMTA).


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