National Robotarium to boost Edinburgh robotics sector

national robotarium
© iStock/charles taylor

Progress is underway in the UK on the creation of a National Robotarium, to be based at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University.

The National Robotarium, supported with £21m (€22.73m) funding from the UK government, will form part of the UK’s ‘Data Driven Innovation’ programme, which aims to bring Edinburgh to the forefront of the European data sector. It will be based primarily at Heriot-Watt University with additional access to resources provided by Edinburgh University, as part of an existing partnership between the two universities driven by the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics; and is expected to act as a leading international centre for researchers, engineers, educators and private sector investors to develop the UK’s smart robotics industry.

The UK’s Minister for Scotland Robin Walker said: “It was great to hear how the National Robotarium plans are progressing. Through projects like this, the City Region Deal will help develop Scotland’s world-class higher education and research sector, bring new opportunities and boost economic growth across Edinburgh and the South East of Scotland. The UK has a proud record as a world leader in technology and investments such as this one with the UK, Scottish and local government working together with innovative universities. This can build on Scotland’s proud record of innovation to ensure that we lead the world in embracing the opportunities of robotics.”

Walker, speaking during a tour of Heriot-Watt’s leading robotics facilities, added: “We are committed to working with the Scottish government and local partners to do everything we can to deliver jobs, opportunities and sustainable growth across Scotland. That’s why we have committed almost £1.4bn [€1.52bn] for these growth deals to date. I will give my all to strengthening our Union by championing Scottish interests loudly and clearly at the heart of Westminster and promoting the great work the UK Government does here in Scotland.”


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