Norway to build world’s tallest timber building

Norway to build world’s tallest timber building

Norwegian contractors are set to build Mjøstårnet, the world’s tallest timber building, which will stand more than 80 metres in height.

Arthur Buchardt, the investor and contracting client, said: “Mjøstårnet sets new standards for timber constructions. The building is the closest we come to a skyscraper in timber.”

Mjøstårnet, named after Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa. The record-breaking construction will sit on the edge of the northeastern tip of the lake in the town of Brumunddal.

Spanning over 18 floors, the building will reach 80 metres high and include apartments, an indoor swimming pool, hotel, offices, restaurant and communal areas.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in December 2018.

Moelven, a Mjøsa-local Scandinavian industrial group, will supply the timber constructions from local spruce forests required to construct the tower and the swimming pool area.

Arthur Buchardt said: “A project group established by Norwegian road authorities investigated the possibility of building the world’s longest timber bridge across Lake Mjøsa.

Moelven’s studies show that building with wood instead of concrete can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

The construction has taken inspiration from the Paris Climate Agreement, Buchardt said: “You could say that I have had my eureka moment. I want to help convey an important message with this project. To build with wood is to contribute to the world breathing better.”


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