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The leader in children’s online privacy, identity and consent management

Privacy Vaults Online Inc. (PRIVO) is helping to power a robust privacy preserving digital ecosystem by enabling organisations to safely, responsibly and fully engage with children and families online.

Online privacy concerns and data breaches are forefront in the public media, financial markets and have gained the attention of consumers worldwide. The loss in credibility of the largest providers of federated identities highlights the opportunity for a neutral identity provider, with focus on privacy protection and security for minors.

Organisations cannot develop tailored and adaptive products and advertising campaigns to children online without a scalable and repeatable digital identity strategy that meets the regulatory requirements of easy to interpret privacy disclosures, age verification and parental consent.

Companies currently introduce age-gating mechanisms, disable features and services, delete child accounts or turn a blind eye to children lying about their age, leaving organizations with falsified accounts and unreliable user data. Parents are burdened with the need to complete the account registration, prove they are an adult when necessary and manage consent for each child in the family for every unique online property, resulting in fatigue and unsustainable conversion drop-off.

Until PRIVO, the market has lacked a streamlined and scalable solution for obtaining verifiable parental consent online, allowing global brands to engage and build meaningful relationships with young users while preserving end user data privacy.

PRIVO’s two-part privacy solution

Compliance Services: PRIVO delivers an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbour certification membership program and a GDPRkids™ Privacy Assured program for many of the world’s leading brands that engage with children.

Technology Platform: The PRIVO iD Platform is a cost-effective, easy to integrate software-as-a-service (SaaS) for managing children’s digital identities. PRIVO iD provides children and parents with a federated identity/credential which can be used at all websites, games and mobile apps across the PRIVO network while adhering to the COPPA and GDPR. The platform incorporates registration, authentication, parental consent, identity proofing, permission management functions and family account management.

  • GDPR as it relates to minors and information society services;
  • COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) – US regulation;
  • Customer identity and access management with a focus on protected demographics (e.g., children and families);
  • Consent management / Verifiable parental consent;
  • Online identity-as-a-service;
  • Student digital privacy;
  • Safely engaging and interacting with children online.
  • Attribute verification methods and providers;
  • Consent managers;
  • Children online engagement models;
  • Account credentials for children;
  • Parent messaging around child identity and safety, especially with respect to next- generation user experiences and ways to better communicate consent requests to parents and caregivers;
  • Perceptions and actual knowledge that parents and caregivers have of the personal information being collected about their children online and protections being put in place;
  • Age appropriate privacy by design and ramifications of age falsification.

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