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Parking sensor technology for responsible urban mobility

Pioneering in non-invasive parking sensor technology, Find Your Gap is focused on an important area of traffic management which is the key for responsibly using the resources of ever-growing cities.

We all know that difficulties finding a parking space at the destination of a trip are only the most visible symptoms of the underlying complex problem. The challenge of managing the tight supply of parking spaces calls for innovative, cutting-edge solutions – which we are eager to deliver.

Transport in cities of the future will be multi-modal, consisting of a denser network of mass transit options, intelligent shuttle services and quite possibly self-driving individual vehicles.

Find Your Gap’s responsible parking sensor technology

Reliability is among the top criteria for the decision which means of transport will be the most attractive to use – predictability and eco-friendliness included. Find Your Gap makes the decision transparent by closing the gap in travel time data and providing the end user with information about the most suitable transportation mode. Detailed statistics and forecasts generated by state-of-the-art AI engines let decision makers know how to improve their infrastructure.

An extensive network of energy-efficient sensors is installed without invasive changes to traffic infrastructure. It compiles a 3D reconstruction of parking areas into GDPR-compliant data uploaded to private or public servers or clouds, and enables all stakeholders to benefit from accurate data and forecasts regarding:

  • estimated travel times including the search for a parking space,
  • parking space availability at the desired destination,
  • alternative routing,
  • recommendations on other transport modes saving time and emissions.
  • Traffic flow management
  • Big Data
  • Image processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy-efficient hardware and algorithms
  • Travel time computation

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