Philips Lighting launches cloud-based Internet of Things platform

cloud-based Internet of Things platform

Philips Lighting has launched Interact, a cloud-based Internet of Things platform which will process data from some 29 million connected light points worldwide.

A cloud-based Internet of Things platform is increasingly necessary, as Philips Lighting intends for every new LED product it creates to be fully connectable and able to collect data by 2020; this is in addition to the 29 million light points which are already connected.

The Interact platform will analyse various forms of data collected by Philips connectable devices, using data management and processing capabilities to process vast amounts of information. For example, this could include gathering occupancy information for different buildings, and developing smart solutions which optimise the use of space.

How can Philips’ sensors be used?

The connected lighting systems developed by Philips can already be installed in a variety of areas, to generate an assortment of data. These include:

  • Public street lighting;
  • Offices and commercial buildings;
  • Retail and grocery stores; and
  • Sports stadiums.

In some cases, connected lighting can be managed using apps, or linked to sensors which switch them on when they detect people’s presence. They can also manage light levels according to the levels of natural daylight available, making these systems more efficient than their unconnected equivalent.

What did Philips say about the platform?

The new cloud-based Internet of Things platform will take advantage of the volume of available data to create smart solutions. Philips Lighting’s CEO, Harsh Chitale, said that while enabling the company’s products to collect data is the first step towards smarter systems, the next stage is to harness that data.

He said: “Now that light points are smart enough to collect data on their performance and the environment around them, we are tapping into that intelligence. By analysing the data from our connected lights, devices and systems, our goal is to create additional value for our customers through data-enabled services that unlock new capabilities and experiences.”


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