Pronto shipping platform to streamline port activities worldwide

pronto shipping platform
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority is set to make its Pronto shipping platform, which enables co-ordinated data exchange across the supply chain, available to ports around the world.

The port authority has launched a new company, PortXchange Products BV, which will deliver the Pronto shipping platform and application for both inter- and intra-port management activities. Pronto collates and standardises public and industry data, along with predictions generated by Artificial Intelligence applications; to generate accurate information on port calls, shipping journeys and arrival times. Users may monitor and adjust the flow of data and are given the option to receive notifications of delays, conflicts in planning or changes to a vessel’s status.

Kent Stig Hagbarth, Head of Operations Execution at AP Møller – Mærsk, said: “We see a significant need and opportunity to improve the collaboration, communication and single data usage amongst port participants for optimised sailing and port calls for vessels. The aim of the Pronto platform, to enable just in time arrival and optimise the port stay of our vessels, not only enables us to increase schedule reliability to the benefit of our customers but also to achieve our goal of reducing our CO2 emissions.”

By streamlining the flow of data, the Pronto shipping platform contributes to maritime emissions reduction; as vessels will be able to spend less time waiting at or just outside ports. The platform already has a number of industry partnerships with bodies including AP Møller – Mærsk and Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited.

Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President of Shell Shipping and Maritime, said: “We are moving towards a global, end-to-end digitally connected operating environment for shipping, as in the airline industry. For example at Shell, our onshore digital centre is able to analyse 500 data points a second in real time from each ship we manage. In partnering on Pronto, we can see opportunities to extend this work to optimising port operations. The results of our trials so far have already shown the great benefits in increased efficiency, reduced fuel and operating costs and lower emissions.”


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