Hull City Council and Connexin to install sensors in smart bins

Hull City Council and Connexin to install sensors in smart bins

Hull City Council and technology company Connexin have partnered to launch a groundbreaking new pilot project which will introduce sensors in smart bins across the city.

Adding sensors to bins will make them ‘smarter’ by allowing them to collect data on waste in real time, which in turn will make waste management more efficient across the city. As well as collecting data on the volume of waste being thrown away, sensors in smart bins will be allow them to collect data on a number of other elements and communicate this information directly to local authorities.

For example, by monitoring the amount of waste thrown into the bin, the sensors can alert waste collection authorities when bins are full. This could facilitate the calculation of time-efficient collection routes and help the council to maximise efficiency by identifying the most optimal times for waste collection.

What are the benefits of smart bins?

By ensuring that bins are emptied more efficiently, the smart bin sensors will prevent bins from overflowing and also minimise waste collectors emptying bins unnecessarily. Ultimately, the council hopes that his will result in less congestion on the roads, lower CO2 emissions, and fewer problems associated with overflowing bins.

In addition to this effort, the sensors in smart bins will also be able to detect any unexpected motion, which will automatically trigger vandalism warnings, and can monitor bin temperature, with sudden increases in temperature also triggering fire alerts.

How will the project support the drive towards smart cities?

The introduction of smart technologies in all sectors is a priority for Hull City Council, which aims to be one of the UK’s leading smart cities, according to councillor Anita Harrison. She said: “Tackling waste issues is a top priority… and we are always keen to explore ways in which we can make our services much more effective. Smart city technologies are just one way in which we can provide an improved service for our city, and achieve our aim to create a litter-free environment that residents are proud to live in.”

Furqan Alamgir, CEO of Connexin, added: “This technology will enable teams on the ground to make more informed choices by emptying bins based on fill level, traffic conditions and much more, reducing unnecessary travel time related to waste collection around the city, in turn saving time, fuel and CO2 emissions. I believe that these smart and connected bins will become a great example of technology making a real improvement to the quality of living for residents.”


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