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Leading the field in sustainable heating solutions

NODA Intelligent Systems, with its background in data science, was founded in 2005 with headquarters situated at NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden. Now with sites in Malmö, Nuremberg, Warsaw and London, there are more than 2,000 connected buildings and collaborations with the most prominent energy companies – NODA is leading the way in smart heat and sustainable heating solutions.

By providing the European market with its knowhow, NODA will be at the forefront of designing the new sustainable smart energy landscape and smart heat landscapes.

NODA Intelligent Systems has been awarded numerous prizes and awards for its innovative smart heat products and services. Energy, in the form of heat, is stored in buildings. This energy is usually called a virtual energy storage, and is an asset in the smart district heating network. Through smart management of buildings, the entire district heating network can be optimised while the respective building lowers the energy consumption.

Through digitalisation, and the NODA system for Smart Heat Grids, a third level of freedom is enabled through the operational control of demand in real time.

Optimising energy systems is one of the great challenges of our time. By providing the market with intelligent energy systems, NODA has a vision to take a leading role in designing the new sustainable smart energy and smart heat landscapes.

Smart homes

NODA develops and provides a smart heat grid solution for the optimisation of district energy grids, smart heat building solutions for energy efficiency in buildings, and smart analytics for improving the performance of temperature in heat networks.

NODA Smart Heat Grid is a platform upon which to optimise the operational management of a district heating network, automatically and in real time, by calculating and managing the virtual energy storage in buildings.


The STORM project tackles smart heat and energy efficiency at district level by developing an innovative district heating & cooling (DHC) network controller. The project partners have developed a controller based on self-learning algorithms, which is currently experimented in the two STORM demo sites.

FHP Project

The Flexible Heat and Power (FHP) project will develop a Power-to-Heat (and Cooling) solution package that manages this complexity through an easily accessible interface aimed at buildings and power grid actors. The project will include two demonstrators that commenced instalment in August-September 2016, in Uden a Municipality of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands, and in Karlshamn Municipality in Blekinge County, Sweden.

  • High-capacity chillers or boilers in centralised facilities are more energy efficiency;
  • Waste heat can be recovered from waste treatment plants, data centres, public transport stations and elsewhere;
  • Compatible with biomass, biofuel and geothermal energy, meaning they can help to reach 100% renewable energy coverage; and
  • Thermal storage systems can be more efficient and managed more effectively in a centralised DHC system.
  • Energy efficiency/optimisation;
  • Cleantech; and
  • Artificial intelligence.

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