Sustainable MaaS implementation to be explored at conference

sustainable maas implementation
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A conference to be held in Amsterdam in June will explore the challenges and opportunities of urban mobility in a rapidly changing world.

The IMPACT>MOBILITY conference, set to take place between 24 and 25 June, aims to connect decision makers and public transport operators from major cities with vehicle manufacturers, mobility service platform providers and investors; with the goal of building productive partnerships for the future development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). By prioritising innovation, inspiration and investment in practical, data-driven MaaS solutions, the conference is expected to accelerate progress towards sustainable MaaS implementation in cities around the world.

As countries work to hit climate change mitigation targets by phasing out vehicles powered by fossil fuels, public and shared transport are becoming more of a priority for the mobility industry and municipal authorities. Mobility as a Service – a holistic ecosystem of public transport, e-hailing and carpooling, bike sharing programmes and other low- to zero-emission transport options which, when fully implemented into urban infrastructure, can virtually eliminate the need for car ownership – is increasingly seen as a sustainable solution.

IMPACT>MOBILITY, the first “mobility data summit” in Europe, aims to cover all aspects of the future of urban mobility; with topics including:

  • The use of data analytics to drive mobility business models;
  • Real-world implementation of MaaS and intermodal mobility;
  • Smart data application in public transport; and
  • Reworking urban infrastructure to enable sustainable MaaS implementation and data-driven logistics.

Luke James, Head of Content at IMPACT>MOBILITY, said: “A fully defined ecosystem and commercial strategy between public and private parties has yet to emerge. Working closely with the City of Amsterdam, the objective of the conference is to connect the leading stakeholders to tackle mobility data and monetisation challenges head-on. I am hugely excited by IMPACT and our engagement with all Europe’s leading cities. They are critical in defining and shaping this new ecosystem. The conference is a platform to build the partnerships that will deliver a long-term commercial model for mobility as a service for its stakeholders.”


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