Technology for child safety both inside and outside the home

technology for child safety
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Guest contributor Ali Dockerty examines the benefits of emerging technology for child safety, monitoring and protection.

Thanks to the ever-expanding Internet of Things and rapid advancements in smart technology, it is now possible for homeowners and parents alike to ensure both the security of their home and the safety of their children both inside the home and out like never before. This article will look at some of the best technology for child safety available today, enabling parents to keep an ever watchful eye on the things that matter the most.

Remote home monitoring

These systems are becoming increasingly popular for parents and homeowners alike to ensure the safety of their home by allowing you to remotely view the inside and outside of your home at any time. You can use it to monitor your pets, or your child arriving home from school while you are still at work.

It will notify you if there is a break in through a movement app connected to your smartphone, and you can login to view activity in your home from a number of strategically placed cameras. Door and window sensors are placed throughout your home which will inform you of a break-in through glass doors and windows.

Cloud baby monitor

This is the ultimate baby monitoring app, allowing parents to keep an eye on their baby when away from home. It has a range of features including noise and motion alerts, live video and audio connection so you can soothe your baby with your voice remotely and night light control. It also connects with iTunes library which can allow parents to create playlists for their baby with their favourite lullabies!

Driver’s Little Helper

Safety is the number one concern for any parent with a baby on board, or a toddler in a car seat. Children can sometimes manage to wriggle out of a car seat which isn’t fastened properly, which is easily done. Driver’s Little Helper is an app based electronic monitoring system that uses wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate the pressure, temperature and movement detected from a car seat monitor pad through alerts sent to your phone.

The monitor pads will fit any car seat and is suitable for babies and children of any weight. It also has an inbuilt thermometer that will advise parents if the temperate gets too hot or cold. This technology allows parents to be fully reassured that their child is protected when driving.

Child tracking technology

One of the biggest concerns that parents have is around the safety of their children while they are out of sight. However, thanks to advances in technology there is now a whole range of child tracking devices available which allow parents to stay on top of their child’s location when they are out of sight without being too intrusive. As kids get older, they naturally want to explore and push boundaries, this is a normal part of growing up and not something that parents should want to inhibit out of safety concerns, a GPS tracker can help to give parents much greater peace of mind at the same time as allowing children the freedom that they need to explore. This is especially important for children with disabilities whose safety outdoors may be compromised as a result.

The top-rated kids’ GPS trackers

Some of the best kids’ GPS trackers available today include Jiobit, XPLORA 2, AngelSense and Amber Alert GPS. Trackers such as AngelSense go beyond the usual range of tracking functions by allowing you to set up regular updates on your child’s safety and make two-way voice calls so you can talk to your child at any time. It also has a listen in function so parents can check in at any time to see how their child’s day is going, and to make sure that their child is safe from harm.


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