UK biofuel campaign to encourage driver awareness of emissions

uk biofuel campaign know your fuel
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The UK government has launched a new campaign encouraging drivers to think more carefully about the fuels they use.

The Know Your Fuel campaign, launched today, will see filling stations add labels to their fuel pumps displaying their levels of biofuels. Petrol, which typically contains up to 5% ethanol derived from biological materials, will be labelled ‘E5’; while diesel, which can contain up to 7% biodiesel, will carry the label ‘B7’. In the last year the UK’s fuel retailers supplied 1.6 billion litres of biofuels, which can cut emissions of greenhouse gases by up to 90% in comparison with fossil fuels. The UK biofuel campaign forms part of the government’s wider strategy to encourage consumer awareness of the environmental impact of different transport options, in anticipation of the planned phasing out of new petrol and diesel car sales by 2040.

UK Transport Minister Michael Ellis said: “Drivers should be aware of the environmental impact of their travel choices and seeing this when they are buying fuel can help remind them why decarbonising transport is so important. Biofuels are a key way of achieving the emissions reductions the UK needs; and their use reduced CO2 emissions by 2.7 million tonnes last year alone: the equivalent of taking around 1.2 million cars off the road. Our new campaign will help drivers understand the role of biofuels, while also choosing the right fuel for their vehicle at home and abroad.”

The government’s Road to Zero strategy comprises a number of policies aimed at reducing the UK’s road transport emissions to zero, including greater investment in public transport and cycling infrastructure, subsidies for transition to electric mobility; and promoting the development of hydrogen as a transport fuel.

Erik Rietkirk, CEO of biodiesel producer Argent Energy, said: “These labels are crucial for informing the public about what the UK is doing to decarbonise transport. Making the most of the huge environmental benefits of sustainable biofuels makes complete sense, and can help reduce emissions during the transition to a low carbon future.”


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