UK cybersecurity partnership to boost protection from online attacks

uk cybersecurity partnership
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A new UK cybersecurity partnership between industry and government bodies is set to shore up protection against online threats for both businesses and the public.

The government will partner with end-to-end cybersecurity provider Arm in a £36m (€41.7m) project developing new secure chip technologies designed to be resilient to an array of cyber-threats; with the goal of preventing cyber-attacks which enable hackers to take control of computer systems remotely. Since 2018, the cost of cyber-attacks to businesses has increased by more than £1,000, with online attacks now leading to average losses of £4,180 (€4,843.50).

Minister for Digital and Broadband Matt Warman said: “The government wants the UK to be the safest place to be online and the best place to start and grow a digital business. As these investments show, we are determined to create the right environment to foster our thriving digital economy while giving people renewed confidence and trust in online services. We will always be firm in our support for the UK’s tech sector. Thanks to our work with the UK’s world leading academic institutions and our business-friendly environment, we are helping entrepreneurs use technology to improve people’s lives and find solutions to future challenges.”

Arm chief architect and Fellow Richard Grisenthwaite said: “Achieving truly robust security for a world of a trillion connected devices requires a radical shift in how technology companies approach cyber-threats. Research into new ways of building inherently more cyber-resilient chip platforms is critical. Our first step is to create prototype hardware, the Morello Board, as a real world test platform for prototype architecture developed by Arm that uses the University of Cambridge’s CHERI protection model. It will enable industry and academic partners to assess the security benefits of foundational new technologies we’re making significant investments in.”

In addition to the UK cybersecurity partnership, the government will invest a further £18m (€20.87m) in an initiative aimed at combating disinformation. The project, which will be informed by the government’s Online Harms white paper, will explore ways of developing trustworthy technology solutions and reducing the risk to businesses and individuals of online fraud, phishing and malware.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Chief Executive Professor Sir Mark Walport said: “It is crucial that our citizens and businesses are able to access digitally secure products and services that are not vulnerable to cyber-threats. The investments announced today will help to ensure the UK has a robust system in place to withstand cyber-threats and create a safer future online, increasing trust and productivity in our economy.”


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