UK to publish ‘Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations’ report

UK to publish ‘Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations’ report

The UK government will publish a document entitled ‘Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations’, which will act as a blueprint for the future of fishing.

The ‘Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations’ white paper seeks to establish how the UK will approach the matter of fisheries following Brexit, at which point the country expects that as part of its deal the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy will no longer apply.

The UK’s new policies will seek to establish a sustainable and profitable fishing industry that will support the regeneration of coastal communities while ensuring that fish stocks are managed effectively. Additionally, the government will propose a new bill which will establish a legislative framework for the management of fisheries following Brexit.

How will the new white paper make fisheries more sustainable?

The new legislation on fisheries will base its allocation of fishing opportunities on the distribution of fish stocks, and will also introduce new legislation to prevent the wasteful discarding of fish, and ensure that vessels aiming to fish in UK waters meet high standards of sustainability before they are allowed to do so.

Annual reviews of the health of fish stocks will also be issued, and in areas where stocks are depleted, recovery measures will be introduced to restore them to healthy levels.

How will this further the government’s environment strategy?

UK Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed the opportunity for the UK to manage its own waters following Brexit, and suggested that the new proposals would address a number of concerns for Britain’s fishing industry.

She said: “As an island nation our fishing industry is the lifeblood of coastal communities around the UK… The plans set out today demonstrate the bright future in store as we build UK fishing industry for future generations by putting the importance of a healthy marine environment at its heart.”

The proposal is also aligned with the government’s 25-year environment plan, which establishes a long term strategy for sustainability and environmental conservation in the UK.


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