UNESCO Forum to mark 2nd anniversary of Paris Agreement

UNESCO Forum to mark 2nd anniversary of Paris Agreement
UNESCO PA © UNclimatechange CC BY 2.0

UNESCO is hosting a forum for international civil society partners to strengthen competencies that contribute to tackling climate change on 7-8 December.

The forum precedes the One Planet Summit, organised by the United Nations and the World Bank, at the initiative of the French government, which will take place on 12 December.

Taking stock of the COP21 Paris Agreement, the NGOs will discuss with UNESCO competencies such as the ocean, cultural heritage, biosphere reserves and indigenous peoples’ knowledge, and the role of the civil society organisations.

They will build on UNESCO’s updated Strategy for Action on Climate Change, adopted by the 195 member states in November.

It focuses on several UNESCO programmes which promote interdisciplinary climate knowledge and scientific co-operation for climate change mitigation and adaptation, including those related to hydrology, geosciences, and biospheres, as well as the work of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.


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