Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Maritime & Fisheries News

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shipping speed limits

Shipping speed limits could cut emissions in the short term

More than 100 shipping companies have signed a letter supporting the enforcement of shipping speed limits as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Under...
search and rescue drones

Search and rescue drones trialled by UK coastguard

The UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has announced it will begin a trial of search and rescue drones in coastguard activities. The MCA has...
port of rotterdam blockchain

Port of Rotterdam blockchain solutions begin deployment

The Port of Rotterdam has begun to implement blockchain applications to facilitate the running of its electrical grid and logistics operations. BlockLab, the Port of...
smartport hamburg

smartPORT Hamburg: embracing port digitalisation

Digitalisation is one of the recent main factors driving the traditional port industry to fully reshape its business and make the industry more efficient...
aquaculture 4.0

Aquaculture 4.0: applying industry strategy to fisheries management

Hector Martin of Smalle Technologies explains how the aquaculture industry is applying innovative Industry 4.0 technologies to revolutionise fishery management strategies. The term “Industry 4.0”...
port of huelva

Port of Huelva renews PERS environmental credentials

The Port of Huelva in Spain has renewed its certification under EcoPorts’ environmental management standard (PERS). PERS certification, which Huelva first received in 2016, requires...
maritime inspection drones

Maritime inspection drones monitor ship damage in Norway

A Norwegian startup is working on development of a drone which can detect damage and disrepair in the tanks and storage spaces of ships. Scout...
maritime emissions drone

Maritime emissions drone deployed by Denmark

Danish shipping authorities have adopted a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), which uses drones to detect emissions levels from ships. The maritime emissions drone system,...
eu overfishing progress

EU overfishing progress stalls, to NGOs’ concern

Environmental bodies across the EU have expressed concern over revelations in a new report that the EU may not meet its overfishing targets by...
greener ship recycling

Greener ship recycling aids workers, environment

The drive for greener ship recycling across Europe, as well as the drive to cultivate safer working conditions for labourers at these yards, has...

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