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clasgow plastics reduction strategy

Glasgow Plastics Reduction Strategy to cut plastic waste

Glasgow City Council has launched its Plastics Reduction Strategy, which aims to fully phase out the use of single-use plastics by 2022. The strategy’s 24-point...
reducing air pollution

Reducing air pollution is essential for public health

Climate policies implemented by EU Member States are insufficiently effective for reducing air pollution, a new report has found. The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) briefing...
energy intensive industries

Energy intensive industries: experts propose climate action

Experts from the EU’s energy intensive industries have developed a series of recommendations for implementing climate neutrality by 2050. The expert group comprises representatives of...
women in agriculture

Women in Agriculture Taskforce report released

The Scottish government’s Women in Agriculture Taskforce has published its final findings on gender equality in the sector. The taskforce’s report identifies systemic marginalisation of...
climate emergency resolution

Climate emergency resolution approved by European Parliament

The European Parliament has passed a resolution declaring an environmental and climate emergency in Europe and around the world. In addition to approving the climate...
offshore wind investment

Offshore wind investment can help meet climate goals

A new report has found that the European Commission’s targets for offshore wind energy generation can be met with targeted investment. The ‘Our energy, our...
air quality eurobarometer

Air quality Eurobarometer: stricter policies needed on pollution

A new Eurobarometer survey has found that more than two thirds of EU residents believe additional measures should be taken to improve air quality. The...
political trust

Political trust linked to support for emissions reduction measures

A new study has identified links between citizens’ overall levels of trust in the political system and support for increased action on climate change. The...
hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy adoption key to Europe’s green transition

The 2019 Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) Stakeholder Forum explored the need to scale up adoption of hydrogen for the EU’s...
women's climate change adaptability

Women’s climate change adaptability affected by environmental stress

A new study has found that women’s adaptability to climate change may be hampered by factors including male migration and poor working conditions. ‘A qualitative...

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