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Finnish battery recycling

Finnish battery recycling research to lead Europe

Inspired by Finnish battery recycling research, the European Commission has reached out to Finland to coordinate research into recycling in Europe’s battery industry. The project,...

Extinction Rebellion protest: 15 activists arrested

15 protesters were arrested at yesterday’s Extinction Rebellion protest in London, which saw campaigners blocking roads around the Houses of Parliament to draw attention...
Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund

Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund distributed in Scotland

The first recipients of Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund, a £2 million Scottish award promoting environmentally sound travel options, have been announced. Nominees were...
throwaway plastics

Throwaway plastics ban approved in EU

MEPs have approved a ban on throwaway plastics to be implemented across the EU by 2021. Plastic straws, cotton buds, plates and cutlery are among...
electric car hazards

Electric car hazards addressed

Researchers in Norway are developing an “adaptive sound” system to address potential electric car hazards to the visually impaired. The relative silence of electric cars...
wind energy data

Wind energy data in focus at hackathon

The wind energy industry is at a crossroads. With 40 to 80 gigawatts of wind capacity reaching the end of its designed operational life...
Drinking water quality standards

Drinking water quality standards to improve across EU

MEPs have voted to improve drinking water quality standards across the EU by tightening regulations on contaminants and promoting “universal access” to clean tap...
US liquefied natural gas

Germany to import US liquefied natural gas

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to open the country to imports of US liquefied natural gas. The chancellor announced yesterday that construction would begin...
Belgian nuclear reactors

Belgian nuclear reactors out of commission

Belgian nuclear reactors serving half the country’s energy needs have been taken offline for repairs, effectively acting as a trial run for the phasing...
UK plastics recycling industry

UK plastics recycling industry under investigation

The UK plastics recycling industry faces an investigation into its export practices after allegations of widespread fraud. Waste exporters within the UK plastics recycling industry...

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