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wind turbine blade recycling

Wind turbine blade recycling coalition to develop sustainable solutions

Wind energy industry body WindEurope has formed a cross-sector partnership to explore innovative approaches to wind turbine blade recycling. WindEurope has partnered with the European...
fairtrade benefits

Fairtrade benefits rural workers but inequality prevails, study shows

A new study highlights how Fairtrade benefits employees in agricultural cooperatives, but not those in the smallholder farm sector. The study, conducted by researchers at...
An image to illustrate the food and beverage cooling system for online shopping last-mile-delivery

Last-mile-delivery for online shopping: a cooling system for mobile food and beverages

Dometic has designed a cooling system for mobile food and beverages to appeal to the market for last-mile-delivery for online shopping in large European...
fasteners in e-mobility

Fasteners in e-mobility and their impact on the supply chain

TR Fastenings Ltd looks at how fasteners are helping to shape the future of the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) and EV battery industry. As the...
uk clean air champions

UK Clean Air Champions appointed in air quality improvement drive

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has teamed with the Met Office develop an ambitious programme to improve the UK’s air quality. The Strategic Priorities Fund...
effects of ozone depletion

Effects of ozone depletion contribute to climate change

New research has found that the effects of ozone depletion exacerbate the process of climate change, leading to a ‘feedback loop’ of global heating. In...
offshore wind growth partnership

Offshore Wind Growth Partnership to support UK wind initiatives

The UK’s Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) has announced a new scheme to support UK businesses entering the offshore wind energy industry. The Offshore Wind...
climate emergency toolkit

Climate emergency toolkit to boost UK sustainability policy

A UK-based sustainable development charity has created a ‘climate emergency toolkit’ to support local authorities in combating climate change. The Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit, developed...
decarbonisation in poland

Decarbonisation in Poland: transitioning to a new currency

For decades coal has been symbiotic with Poland’s national pride and identity, the key to its energy independence and socioeconomic progress; its national currency. Yet...
big climate conversation

Big Climate Conversation to promote climate action in Scotland

The Scottish government has announced a ‘nationwide conversation’ on measures to arrest the progress of climate change. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the Big...

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