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high performance infrastructure

High performance infrastructure to receive EU funding boost

The European Parliament and Council have reached an agreement on EU budgetary funding for the next phase of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The CEF,...
car safety antitrust

Car safety antitrust case leads to €368 million fines

The European Commission has issued fines totalling €368,277,000 to car safety equipment suppliers found to have breached the EU’s antitrust rules. Equipment suppliers Autoliv, TRW...
greening the fleet

Greening the fleet with intelligent transport systems

ERTICO – ITS Europe explains its goals for “greening the fleet” and how different tools and technologies can contribute as part of a coherent...
EU-Qatar aviation agreement

EU-Qatar aviation agreement passes

The European Commission and Qatar have agreed to sign the first aviation agreement between the EU and a Gulf region partner. The agreement commits both...
infrastructure and road safety in europe

Infrastructure and road safety in Europe: an overview

Government Europa speaks with José Díez from the European Union Road Federation (ERF) to outline the current situation with European road infrastructure and safety. On...
social standards in aviation

Social standards in aviation must improve – report

A report published today by the European Commission details a range of recommendations to maintain “high social standards” for the EU’s air crews. The report...
Øresund fixed rail-road link

Øresund fixed rail-road link in state aid investigation

The European Commission has opened an investigation into public funding for the Øresund fixed rail-road link between Denmark and Sweden. Following the annulment by the...
electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging: Honda’s exit driven by UK’s lack of EV ambition

Dave Simpson, co-founder of premium electric vehicle (EV) charge point firm Andersen, urges the UK government to get serious about electric mobility. When the news...
London bus trial

London bus trial for on-demand service

Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans to trial an “innovative on-demand bus service” in the borough of Sutton. The scheme, which will allow passengers...
in-vehicle technology

In-vehicle technology to combat speeding

As the European Parliament prepares to vote on mandatory in-vehicle technology, new research has found that speeding remains a prevailing problem in the EU. The...

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