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uk green transport

UK green transport: record progress on investment, manufacturing

The UK government has declared significant levels of progress in its green transport sector after record investment in emissions reduction measures. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling...
mobility and the data marketplace

Mobility and the data marketplace: IMPACT>MOBILITY to build public-private partnerships

The IMPACT>MOBILITY summit aims to examine the business models and data management challenges facing Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The summit, set to take place...
electric vehicle acoustic alerts

Electric vehicle acoustic alerts must be incorporated to ensure safety

Award-winning acoustic sound technology can provide a solution for silent electric vehicles which pose a danger to road users. Huge developments have been made across...
uk railway maintenance

UK railway maintenance: a regulatory overview

The UK’s Office for Rail and Road completes a five-yearly review in order to ensure rail bodies stay on target. Britain’s railway is one of...
eu battery consortium

EU battery consortium to invest up to €6 billion in next generation batteries

A battery cell consortium established by France and Germany will invest between €5 billion and €6 billion in projects developing new electric vehicle batteries. Collectively,...
uk roadside infrastructure

UK roadside infrastructure to be mapped in new OS project

The UK’s national mapping body, the Ordnance Survey (OS), has partnered with Intel subsidiary Mobileye to map the UK’s roadside infrastructure. The ambitious project, which...
eu road network audit

EU road network audit to be conducted

The European Court of Auditors has announced it is conducting an audit into the European Commission’s support for construction and maintenance of roads across...
self-driving trucks

Self-driving trucks to speed up UK roadworks

Highways England is set to begin a trial of self-driving trucks to accelerate and streamline the process of road repairs in the UK. The autonomous...
uk rail smart ticketing

UK rail smart ticketing scheme introduced

The UK’s major railway stations are set to introduce smart ticketing systems, allowing passengers to store tickets on their phones, in printable emails and...
studio roosegaarde smart highway lighting

Smart highway lighting infrastructure: creating landscapes of the future

Smart lighting is an important aspect in developing the infrastructure of the future. Government Europa spoke to leading designer Daan Roosegaarde about his Smart...

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