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EU mobility package

EU mobility package approved

The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has adopted a new EU mobility package which aims to prevent fraud and improve the enforcement of existing road...
smart traffic measures

Smart traffic measures: urban Brits approve

A new report conducted by barrier firm ATG Access has found that a majority of the UK’s city dwellers would welcome increased smart traffic...
benefits of e-scooters

Benefits of e-scooters outlined in new study

Ujet and SustainAbility have published a study detailing how Europe should open up its consideration of the benefits of e-scooters. The study highlighted an array...
Innovative Transportation Initiative

Innovative Transportation Initiative for Sacramento

California’s capital city Sacramento has announced it will partner with Deepen AI, Inc and Foresight AI, Inc on the Innovative Transportation Initiative. The initiative, which...
real time traffic management

Real time traffic management: TfL tenders for support

Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans to put out a tender for data support for its proposed new real time traffic management scheme. TfL’s...
AI in transportation

AI in transportation: a 2019 overview

From autonomous vehicles to smart highways, AI in transportation and logistics is becoming an essential factor to consider. Smart highways Smart cities and smart highways are...
electric vehicle infrastructure

Electric vehicle infrastructure and Road to Zero

Lord Redesdale, Energy Managers Association CEO, speaks to Government Europa on the Road to Zero strategy, outlining how much additional electric vehicle infrastructure will...
smart ticketing

Smart ticketing drives sustainable mobility

The International Association for Public Transport speaks to Government Europa about the importance of smart ticketing solutions to drive interoperability and ease of travel...
adaptive AVAS

Adaptive AVAS to improve electric vehicle safety

SINTEF is evaluating the benefits of an adaptive AVAS programme as an improvement on the existing regulations. AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) is an artificial...
Autonomous vehicle safety

Autonomous vehicle safety: an ongoing concern

Antonio Avenoso, executive director at the European Transport Safety Council discusses the hot topic of autonomous vehicle safety with Government Europa. According to a European...

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