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train ticket prices

Train ticket prices to be cut by 10% in Germany

German train provider Deutsche Bahn has announced it will cut ticket prices for long distance journeys by 10% in 2020. The price reduction reflects measures...
electric vehicle battery production

Electric vehicle battery production is becoming more sustainable

New research has shown that the carbon footprint of electric vehicle (EV) battery production is rapidly becoming smaller. Data collated by researchers at IVL Swedish...
prevent road deaths

Prevent road deaths by cracking down on drink driving, ETSC says

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has called on the EU to implement a zero tolerance policy on drink driving to prevent road deaths. Around...
connected vehicle cybersecurity

Connected vehicle cybersecurity report identifies best practice

A new report released by the EU’s cybersecurity agency has highlighted the importance of high standards of connected vehicle security. The ‘Good practices for the...
uber in europe

Uber in Europe: campaign urges company to cut emissions

Environmental groups in the USA and Europe have launched a joint campaign calling on ridesharing firm Uber to address its growing climate impact. NGOs in...
scotland autonomous bus

Scotland autonomous bus project exhibited in Glasgow

A transport event in Scotland last week saw the demonstration of the country’s first full sized autonomous bus. The demonstration, which took place at the...
e-mobility innovation

E-mobility innovation: an opportunity for society

has·to·be implements groundbreaking and standardised overall solutions in the field of e-mobility, paving the way for innovation in transport. Electromobility (also referred to as ‘eMobility’...
smart public transport mobility revolution

Smart public transport and the mobility revolution

Optibus co-founder and CEO Amos Haggiag talks about the advanced smart technologies cities can use to take the lead on public transport. When people think...
hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel cell innovation: the time is right, are you ready?

Hydrogenics’ hydrogen fuel cell solutions are fleet-ready and proven at scale, in the field; and across a wide range of applications. With 70 years of...
aerodynamics in professional cycling

Aerodynamics in professional cycling to benefit from new research

Guest contributor Ali Dockerty explores the impact of groundbreaking new aerodynamics research on the world of professional cycling. Researchers in Australia have developed simulations capable...

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