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Stage Intelligence

Stage Intelligence shows AI impact on bike shares

Stage Intelligence, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider, has released new data showing how AI can contribute to the growth, efficiency and sustainability...
Smart city safety

Smart city safety an ongoing concern

Smart city projects make use of data collection software and the Internet of Things (IoT) to streamline and facilitate various aspects of city life;...
EU road charge reforms

EU road charge reforms to be implemented

Under draft EU road charge reforms adopted on Thursday, the way large vehicles are charged for their journeys will change from 2023. EU Member States...
Highways England

Highways England pioneers smart highway technology

Highways England has announced new road technologies which will improve Britain’s busiest routes. The project, overseen by Highways England and implemented by Costain, will see...
Fuel labels

Fuel labels to display environmental impact

The EU has introduced a new range of fuel labels for petrol and diesel pumps. The new fuel labels, which will cover petrol, diesel, hydrogen,...
protect workers from DEEEs

Protect workers from harmful emissions – MEPs

MEPs on the EU Employment Committee and the European Council have approved revised legislation to protect workers from carcinogenic and mutagenic substances. The revision of...
Performance-based navigation

Performance-based navigation: aviation association’s declaration of approbation

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has urged the European Commission to help implement performance-based navigation rules (PBN-IR) in the aviation industry. Speaking at the...

Redflex: exploring the future of smart mobility in Europe

Encouraging road users to drive slowly and sensibly all goes towards creating a safer environment for our communities – Redflex aims to be at...
IONEX - negative ions

Negative ions: a shift to safer and healthier driving

Mobile phones are not the only thing that can deter your concentration from the road. A depletion of negative ions in your car from...
Passenger rights

Passenger rights on trains approved by EU committee

The European Committee on Transport and Tourism voted on Wednesday to approve stricter regulations protecting passenger rights for train users. Adjustments to the current rules...

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