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disabled rail passengers

Disabled rail passengers to benefit from £20m station improvements fund

The UK government has launched a £20m (€22.25m) fund for measures to support disabled rail passengers by improving accessibility at stations. The fund was announced...
e-mobility in the uk

E-mobility in the UK: duty cut on electric taxis as Jaguar invests in R&D

The UK government has introduced measures to encourage uptake of e-mobility in the UK by cutting vehicle excise on electric taxis. Taxi drivers and companies...
vulnerable road users

Vulnerable road users need more protection, UK study says

New research has shown that a growing number of UK residents are in favour of more stringent measures to protect vulnerable road users. The study,...
people-centric mobility

People-centric mobility crucial to future of urban transport

A new study calls on policymakers in cities to invest in ‘people-centric mobility’, focusing on the end user experience of urban transport options. The ‘Future...
An image to illustrate the food and beverage cooling system for online shopping last-mile-delivery

Last-mile-delivery for online shopping: a cooling system for mobile food and beverages

Dometic has designed a cooling system for mobile food and beverages to appeal to the market for last-mile-delivery for online shopping in large European...
alternative mobility

Alternative mobility and integration of new EV technologies

Autonomous vehicles can significantly change our traffic flow and reduce congestion when combined with sharing and alternative mobility options. The transport and mobility sector is...
future of road transport

Future of road transport outlined in new report

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has released a report analysing the future of road transport as society adopts automation and decarbonisation. The report, titled...
road safety policy

Road Safety Policy Framework sets standards for risk reduction

The European Commission has released its Road Safety Policy Framework, outlining safety standards for vehicles and infrastructure for the 2021-2030 period. The non-binding framework, launched...
uk parking data

UK parking data standards to ‘revolutionise’ smart parking

The UK government has announced a new set of standards governing the standardisation of parking data across the country. The new UK parking data standards,...
london electric vehicle infrastructure

London Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Delivery Plan announced

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has laid out ambitious plans to boost electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the capital. The mayor’s London EV Infrastructure...

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