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lithium supply chain

Lithium supply chain for electric vehicle batteries: Europe’s missing link

Green Lithium has made significant progress towards centralising the European lithium supply chain with its UK refinery. The car manufacturing industry in Europe and the...
transport infrastructure resilience

Transport infrastructure resilience and statistical modelling

Meet the Southern Austrian consulting company specialising in statistical modelling techniques to shore up the resilience of transport infrastructure. Modern economies are based on complex...
electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging availability ‘league table’ shows gaps across UK

The UK’s Transport Secretary has called on local authorities to take advantage of available funding to shore up their electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Transport Secretary...
electric vans

Electric vans for the future of sustainable transport

Mark Barrett, General Manager of LDV UK & Ireland, reports on how one automotive brand is leading the charge for greener motoring with innovative...
london air pollution

London air pollution falls in Ultra Low-Emission Zone

New figures show a significant drop in London air pollution since the introduction of an Ultra Low-Emission Zone (ULEZ) earlier this year. High levels of...
hyperloop technology

Hyperloop technology investment to accelerate development

An international consortium of international business investors has made a multi-million-euro investment in Europe’s first operational hyperloop technology. The consortium, led by Dutch sustainable energy...
scotland active travel

Scotland active travel projects to promote walking, cycling

The Scottish government has announced it will support a number of active travel projects, boosting walking and cycling facilities across Scotland. In accordance with the...
eu critical infrastructure

EU critical infrastructure receives incentive investments

EU funding has been allocated to startups for critical infrastructure projects and next generation technologies as railway systems and technology development picks up speed Railway...

Benefit-in-kind tax benefits for electric vehicles extended in Ireland

The Irish government has extended the 0% rate of benefit-in-kind tax applied to electric company cars until 2022. The renewed tax rate, aimed at incentivising...
reducing commuter emissions

Reducing commuter emissions and pollution with ChargePoint

André ten Bloemendal, Vice President, Europe at ChargePoint, explains why going green and reducing commuter emissions is about changing, not just replacing, our existing...

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