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Elefsina ship clearance

Elefsina ship clearance: wrecks removed

With dozens of abandoned and wrecked ships lying in the Gulf of Elefsina in Greece, Greek authorities have begun the process of Elefsina ship...
2019 Black Sea catch limits

2019 Black Sea catch limits agreed by Council of the EU

The EU Council has approved regulations setting 2019 Black Sea catch limits for Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen. The 2019 Black Sea catch limits, which are...
making inland ports greener

Making inland ports greener: what can Europe do?

Turi Fiorito, director of the European Federation of Inland Ports, speaks to Government Europa about the challenges of making inland ports greener. Ports and the...
sustainable aquaculture

Sustainable aquaculture: an NGO’s point of view

Good Fish Foundation and Seas at Risk explain the environmentally responsible aquaculture model and highlight the importance of sustainable aquaculture from an NGO perspective. The...
dirty shipping fuel

Dirty shipping fuel: cruise ship captain fined €100,000

The captain of the Azura, a P&O cruise ship, has been fined €100,000 by a Marseille court after the ship was found to be...
Kerch Strait

Kerch Strait reopened amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

The Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea, has been reopened after Russian vessels fired on Ukrainian boats yesterday. The...

Hurtigruten to fuel cruise ships with fish waste

Norwegian cruise ship firm Hurtigruten has launched a new green initiative which will see its fleet powered by reconstituted waste fish parts. By 2021 Hurtigruten...
Adriatic Sea fishing

Adriatic Sea fishing: MEPs approve new rules

MEPs on the European Fisheries Committee (PECH) have agreed to adopt a new multiannual plan for Adriatic Sea fishing of small pelagic fish. The draft...
Global Shipping Business Network

Global Shipping Business Network to connect industry

Nine major shipping industry operators have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch the Global Shipping Business Network, an open digital platform. The network,...
Greek merchant shipping industry

Greek merchant shipping industry stifled by Trump’s sanctions

Sanctions imposed on Iran by US President Donald Trump could have a knock-on effect on the Greek merchant shipping industry, the world’s largest exporter...

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