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sustainable autonomous shipping

Sustainable autonomous shipping: a step change in open ocean transport

With its wave motion-propelled Jospa Tug, Irish SME Jospa Ltd has developed a sustainable autonomous shipping solution. Having worked in wave energy research and development...
baltic sea fishing

Baltic Sea fishing: NGOs welcome stricter limits, urge further action

A raft of environmental bodies have welcomed a European Commission proposal for stricter limits on Baltic Sea fishing. The Commission’s proposed total allowable catch (TAC)...
ai in aquaculture

AI in aquaculture: shaping the future with Observe Technologies

Observe's state of the art use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in aquaculture provides actionable insights in order to optimise the largest expenses facing fish...
rotterdam offshore wind

Rotterdam offshore wind expansion approved

An expansion of Rotterdam offshore wind power generation facilities has been approved by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The authority has reached an agreement with...
overfishing and climate change

Overfishing and climate change must be addressed to protect oceans

A new report has found that the effects of overfishing and climate change, the two greatest current threats to ocean health, are closely linked. The...
clean energy in aquaculture

Clean energy in aquaculture: using technology to grow healthy fish

Can healthy fish be produced using clean energy in aquaculture and without ‘pollution horrors’? Novaton of Switzerland believes so. Novaton, a Swiss multi-innovation company, combines...
aquaculture tanks

Aquaculture tanks enabling industry to deliver flexibility, durability, value

RNT Tanks and Silos provides innovative aquaculture tanks, supported by 200-year-old technology and the world’s most trusted material. Climate change, plastic pollution, carbon footprint, energy...
fleet electrification

Fleet electrification pilot to begin on first cruise ships

Cruise operator Carnival Corporation has announced it will begin a trial fleet electrification programme on its AIDA Cruises line, beginning in 2020. AIDA vessels will...
uk marine preservation

UK marine preservation scheme extended

A UK marine preservation initiative protecting key species has been extended with an additional £7m (€7.72m) in funding. The Blue Belt scheme, implemented in 2016...
joint industry guidance

Joint Industry Guidance issued for low sulphur fuel transition

A coalition of maritime industry bodies has produced comprehensive Joint Industry Guidance on the supply and use of low sulphur fuel. From 1 January 2020,...

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