Government Europa Quarterly 31

Government Europa Quarterly 31 focuses on innovation, sustainability and new developments across the aquaculture sector and beyond.

Government Europa Quarterly 31 is introduced by Alexandra Neyts, General Sectary of the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP), discussing some of the most promising technologies in aquaculture.

In the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries section Professor Edward Hill, Executive Director of the UK National Oceanography Centre, discusses the unprecedented changes that are taking place at the nexus of the ocean, climate and biodiversity. This section also features interviews with EATiP General Secretary Alexandra Neyts, SMARTFISH-H2020 project leader Michal Mackiewicz; and The Commonwealth’s platform on the blue economy.

The Environment and Sustainability section of Government Europa Quarterly 31 features Chief Executive Officer Walburga Hemetsberger from Solar Power Europe; and Emile Bruls from the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP). Then, the Transport and Industry section opens with Chair of the UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE), Robert Evans, discussing the transition from petrol and diesel to electricity; as the evolution of transport fuel looks set to be a multi-decade project. Next Guillaume Gillet, Manager of InnoEnergy’s EU Business Unit, talks about InnoEnergy’s role as the driving force behind the European Battery Alliance.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Colin Church shares how the institute is helping professionals in the materials, minerals and mining communities become heroes instead of villains. This section also includes interviews with president of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association, Morry Markowitz, Secretary General Jorgo Chatzimarkakis from Hydrogen Europe; and Chairman of the Smart Ticketing Alliance John Verity. To conclude this section, managing director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Andy Eastlake talks about flying the flag to reduce the UK’s carbon impact of road transport, and the Executive Director of The Repair Association, Gay Gordon-Bryne, shares how the association represents the fight for the consumer’s Right to Repair.

The Defence and Cybersecurity section opens with an interview with Ian Prosser surrounding the beginning of the development of technology within the railway sector. Then Lachlan Gunn, Executive Director of the European Association of Secure Transactions, shares how in a world where technology is rapidly advancing, payment terminal and card security must remain of critical importance. To conclude the book, Dan Geer, computer security analyst and risk management specialist, discusses the importance of machine learning.


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