Government Issue 10

Issue 10 of Government arrives at an important time for the European Union, with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine bringing to light a number of opposing perspectives on Europe’s neighbourhood policy and its defence capabilities – and indeed, responsibilities. This edition highlights how defence is changing and analyses how Europe’s capacity for soft power and diplomacy could be the key to solving the crisis.

This edition also covers the EU’s approach to climate policy and sustainable development in the Arctic; the European Commission’s plans for the integration of mobile and digital technologies into healthcare; the viability of liquefied natural gas, hydrogen and other fuels to decarbonise the transport sector; and principles of interoperability in innovation.

How is Europe shoring up its defence?

What’s on the EU’s climate agenda?

  • European Commissioner Janez Potočnik opens a special feature on the Arctic by outlining his approach to sustainable development;
  • Peter Breger of DG Enterprise explains how the Copernicus programme benefits global climate co-operation;
  • Sian George of Ocean Energy Europe highlights the economic and ecological value of energy generated from the ocean;
  • Eric Dautriat, director of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, stresses his organisations efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in aviation;
  • Kalle Svensson of the Swedish Energy Agency describes developments in the country’s biogas sector; and
  • EuropaBio’s secretary general Nathalie Moll spoke at the launch of the organisation’s new biotechnology industry manifesto.