Government Europa Quarterly Issue 25

Issue 25 of Government Europa Quarterly focuses on the role of technology and digital innovation in transforming the way that public services are offered, and the way that citizens interact with governments, companies, and each other.

In a special feature, it also explores how digital solutions and the connections they facilitate are powering the integration of migrants into societies across Europe.

This edition’s focus on social rights continues, with an in-depth look at efforts to improve gender equality and narrow the gender pay gap in Europe, particularly with regard to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

How are digital solutions changing Europe’s future?

  • Roberto Viola, director general of DG CONNECT, describes how data and digital solutions are being utilised to develop the digital single market;
  • Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, director general of DIGITALEUROPE, introduces the publication by discussing the need to develop digital skills;
  • Reinhard Lafrenz, secretary general of euRobotics, explores the increasing role of robotics in the retail and hospitality sectors;
  • Miguel González-Sancho of DG CONNECT explains how data is being used to transform personalised health services; and
  • Harry Verwayen of Europeana sheds light on the ways in which digitisation and digital archiving preserve Europe’s cultural heritage.

What are Europe’s environmental priorities?

How is technology helping to achieve this?

  • Hans Bruyninckx, executive director of the European Environment Agency, highlights the health and environmental benefits of cleaner air;
  • Mayor of Prague, Adriana Krnáčová, details how smart innovations are changing the future of the city;
  • Graeme Sweeney, chair of the Zero Emissions Platform, talks about how carbon capture, storage and utilisation can help to reduce emissions; and
  • Graeme Taylor, director of public affairs for the European Crop Protection Association, describes the role of technology in bolstering food security.



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