Transport data marketplace to boost West Midlands infrastructure

transport data marketplace
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Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has selected smart city platform Chordant’s oneTRANSPORT data marketplace to improve its transport infrastructure.

The adoption of the transport data marketplace technology will augment the executive body’s ‘Playbook’ strategy, which aims to produce a digital recreation of the West Midlands’ transport networks in order to provide a platform for businesses to develop and test new products and services in an approximation of a real world setting. The Playbook initiative forms a part of TfWM’s wider ambitions to improve transport provision throughout the region using technology, with other deployments including the West Midlands 5G testbed and the development by Midlands Future Mobility of autonomous vehicle technology.

Mika Rasinkangas, President of Chordant, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with TfWM as they work to improve their transport network in the West Midlands; and to support transport service innovation. The West Midlands is in the vanguard of future mobility visionaries leading the UK towards cleaner, more efficient and more useful transport services.”

The oneTRANSPORT data marketplace operates as a cloud-based platform, enabling municipal authorities, public transport providers and stakeholders to share data on transport services and city operations in real time; meaning service providers around the city can make intelligent, data-driven decisions. By improving the integration of concurrent transport services and providing the necessary data to enable authorities to make informed long term infrastructure plans, oneTRANSPORT aims to improve the experience of travellers.

Mike Waters, Director of Policy, Strategy and Innovation at TfWM, said: “We were encouraged by Chordant’s work with other transport authorities in the UK and notably their work with Midlands Future Mobility, the West Midlands based autonomous technology development company. They have a particular focus on organisations like ours, understanding the needs of transportation networks and how to make use of the vast quantities of data generated.”


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